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Is it Necessary for Husband to Take Wife for Hajj

Is it obligatory for the husband to take wife to perform hajj or is it mandatory for him to pay for hajj expenditure of wife in the following two situations i.e.

a) when wife has not enough resources to perform hajj

b) when wife has sufficient resources to perform hajj

I think it is not mandatory for the husband to pay for expenditure of hajj of wife if she can afford it. The problem arose when I said this in a gathering of friends where wives were also present and since then I am under hot water.

Now what do the authorities on religion say about this issue?


It is not mandatory for the husband to pay the expenses of her wife’s hajj whether she herself can afford it or not. Of course it would be generous of him if he does so but it is in no way his obligation.

Worship rituals relate to the individual alone. Thus for example if a wife is the owner of some zakatable jewelry, it is she who is liable to pay its zakah and not her husband. Similar is the case with other religious obligations.

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