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Can Muslims Eat Kosher Meat?

Is it allowed for Muslims to use Kosher meat? Second query is about the fast food service of McDonald Burgers and Burger King series of restaurants who are American based restaurants but they are also selling their food products in Pakistan and other Islamic countries. Do you know what type of meat they are providing? I am in Germany, and we Muslims do not take any meat item from such places.


Kosher meat is Halal as it fulfils the requirements of Islam which are basically two:

1. Allah’s name should be taken on the slaughtered animal

2. It should be slaughtered through the jugular vein so that all the blood is poured out.

Eating meat from fast food restaurants should only be done in case it is known that these restaurants sell Halal food, otherwise they should be avoided. In Pakistan, they serve Halal meat. I am not certain for Germany. You can find out about the meat used there yourself.

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