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Read Dr Shehzad Saleem’s Books

Dr Shehzad Saleem’s books are available globally in electronic and paperback formats. Please use following links to get electronic (e-book, pdf etc)  or order paperback books.

Orders for Pakistan:

To get books anywhere in Pakistan, you may order online from Al-Mawrid Online Book Store.

Orders for USA/Canada:

To order books USA / Canada, you may order online from Al-Mawrid-US Online Book Store.

Orders for Australia:

Users from Australia and New Zealand may order the books online from Amazon Global

Orders for India:

Al Mawrid Hind Foundation, an Affiliate of Al-Mawrid provides books of Dr Shehzad Saleem from Amazon India

Orders for U.K./Ireland and Europe:

Users in  U.K./Ireland and Europe can order the books online either from Al-Mawrid UK
or from Amazon

Books by Dr Shehzad Saleem: 

Please click on each Title below to read / order the book.

  1.  A New Economic Framework
  2. Common Misconceptions about Islam
  3. Playing God: Misreading a Divine Practice
  4. Islam and Women: Misconceptions and Misperceptions
  5. Essays on Character Building, Lessons on Character Building
  6. Qur’an Workshops on Character Building (including a separate Teachers Guide)
  7. Lessons on Character Building
  8. Selections from the Qur’an
  9. Selections from the Bible
  10. Selections from the Hadith
  11. Introduction to the Quran: Insights from Javed Aḥmad Ghamidi
  12. A Treasury of Prayers from Quran and Ḥadith
  13. The Good Human (Essays on Self-Improvement)
  14. Modern Challenges to Parenting: Reflections of a Concerned Parent
  15. History of The Qur’an a Concise Study
  16. History of the Quran: A Critical Study
  17. From the Core of My Heart (poems)
  18. پيغمبر انسانيت کےاخلاق و عادات