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Disturbed Married Life

My married life is too much disturbed. My husband is very much angry man. Most of the time I feel that we are near to divorce but we have three kids. I pray a lot then for a few days I feel relaxed. Some people say that your relation will not remain (God forbid). They say that an enemy is doing black magic for your separation. I don’t believe in black magic. I want a happy married life for me and specially for my kids. They can’t bear. Please suggest me what should I do. I am in very serious trouble. I try a lot to make my husband happy. I pray a lot and offer navafil a lot.


I am sorry to read about your plight. As for the black magic issue, just pray to God that He keep you in His protection and try to remain in a permanent state of wudu.

As for the marriage problems, please try your best to put up with your husband’s anger by not reacting and in spite of his bad behavior try to gain a moral victory by conducting yourself with kindness. Take it as a challenge. Try to please him by giving him gifts he likes or cooking food he likes. In short think of ways in which you show a superior moral character. This of course is not easy and requires a lot of patience. Offering the namaz especially the tahajjud namaz is very useful in this regard. God has designated this time to be a very special and blessed one. It will give you patience and inner strength to cope with the situation. Please also look up this post.

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