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Illegal Immigrant and Paper Marriage

I came abroad on work permit for five years. After five years (on expiration of work permit), I did not go back to my country. And now my stay in this country is illegal and I am still earning money. Is this money (earned during illegal stay) is haram or halal? What is the status of my illegal stay with respect to teaching of Islam? What is the status of paper marriage with respect to teaching of Islam?


If you have overstayed your prescribed period, then this is a serious violation of contract and must be stopped as soon as you can. Islam lays great stress on fulfilling one’s promises and pledges. Giving one’s word and then not honoring it is a grave crime in the eyes of Islam. As for the money earned, since this is a product of an illegal activity, it too cannot be regarded as desirable if not prohibited. You should try to make amends for this and go back as soon as you can.

Paper marriage has many connotations these days. If it means the marriage is only contracted to fulfill some legal requirement without actually entering into a marriage bond, it is hoodwinking the law. Such breach of law should be avoided at all costs.

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