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Can Someone know about Future?

My wife used to tell me what is going to happen in the coming days and proved correct in every case. This is not general future telling. She tells me something in detail and it happens accordingly. Moreover she has been able to tell me what I have talked or done to someone else. Trust me she can able to tell me such a thing, word by word. She always says that she sees these things in her dreams. I am very confused. What is this? Is this some demonic domination or something else? Now I have started trusting her as she has been correct for the last four years.


It seems the Almighty blesses certain individuals with Extra Sensory Perception (recognized by science as ESP) as a result of which they are able to predict future events with accuracy. This ESP has many forms and types and such gifted people exhibit amazing feats through it. So it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, she as well as you and those who know of this prowess she has should regard this to be a gift of God and never abuse or misuse it.

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