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Approval of Parents for Marrying A Convert

A lady accepted Islam by seeking some religious knowledge from me. After few years we planned to marry each other. Her non-Muslim parents are opposing. My parents are also too much opposing. This marriage is the only scope for her to live as a Muslim and both of us wish to live together in the path of Allah. After knowing the lady for six years, if my parents are not allowing to marry a converted Muslim, who will marry. Please provide your answer in the light of Islam. I want to make my parents comprehend. Is it sinful to disobey parents in this issue?
If my parents object what can I do. Already we have postponed our marriage due to these issues for two years. More than a year or two we can’t wait also. If my parents accept and her parents reject what can be done, within the light of Islam. Please provide your answer in the light provided by the Prophet (sws).


You have done your best in convincing your parents and if they do accept your choice while the girl’s parents do not then she is not bound to follow their wish in this regard. However, both you and she must contemplate the consequences of a social boycott by her parents.

Religiously, however, you have all the liberty to take this decision even if your own parents do not agree.

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