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Some Requests to Wives

The family is the building block of a society. On its smooth functioning depends the smooth functioning of the society. More often than not spouses end up disenchanted and disappointed with one another. There are obviously many reasons for this. The list of complaints is very long at times.

One remedy to this situation is that a husband and a wife should concentrate more on his or her own attitude and behaviour towards the other. So here are some suggestions for wives that may help in this regard. (Suggestions to husbands have been discussed in a separate article)

Wives should not discuss the shortcomings and mistakes of their husbands in public (except in very special situations). This more often than not breaks the privacy of the family and is very counterproductive for inter-personal relationships. These shortcomings are best discussed in private and a strategy should be chalked out to mutually help one another in overcoming them because no one is free from them.

Wives should try to make their children feel proud of their father. After all, besides shortcomings, a father must be having some good traits too. If these traits are praised in front of the children, it will build trust and instil harmony between the spouses.

Wives may realize that in spite of some failings, a husband must have done something for them. If they verbally express gratitude to them periodically it will be a nice gesture and a a sign of acknowledgement on their part. This can work wonders for a marital relationship.

Wives should adopt an attitude of harmony and compliance with husbands because the latter have been invested with the position of the head of the family by none other than the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Husbands are expected to carry on the affairs of the family in a democratic way and reason out all differences of opinion with their wives. However, if there is a deadlock, then he has the casting vote.

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