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Finding True Happiness in Life

The pursuit of happiness is a goal which is cherished by every human being. No one likes sadness. We repel and run away from grief and misery. At times, we pay a heavy price to be happy. But we gladly do so. It only shows that we are willing to go all out to attain happiness.

Here are some pointers that may help us in this pursuit.

Firstly, making others happy is a profound and unmatched source of happiness. In other words, the joy and happiness we can achieve when we are able to bring joy and happiness in the life of others is perhaps the most. Moreover, this is something which is mostly in our hands and control. It is not contingent or conditional. Helping out others and bringing a smile to their faces is surely something we can do with a little effort.

Secondly, in times of sadness, we often forget the moments of happiness which we enjoyed in the past. Let us make it a point to always remember the blissful moments of the past when grief strikes us. It may not be an antidote to it, but will certainly be helpful in lessening its pain.

Thirdly, one of the reasons that make us gloomy and miserable is high expectations – in fact even low ones. One of the keys to happiness is that we should expect less of others – and nothing at all if possible. At the same time, we must concentrate on coming up to the expectations of others.

Fourthly, we must find a purpose in life which is in line with our aptitude. Often this purpose manifests itself in the form of hobbies and pastimes. If we feel satisfied from inside, delight and pleasure will pursue us.

Lastly, we should remember that the real place of happiness is the Hereafter. This world is a place in which happiness and sorrow co-exist in our lives. Divine scriptures describe Paradise a place in which there will be no regrets of the past and no fears of the future. Let us make a concerted effort to reach this place of eternal bliss.

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