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Sharing Income And Expenses in a Combined Family

I live with my family consisting of my mother, unmarried sister, my wife and three sons aged 7,5,3 yrs respectively. My father died in 1985 leaving behind 75 acres of agricultural land. I manage all this land. I am also working with Bank Alfalah Ltd as branch manager. We share our income for running my home and other issues. I am worried that my mother aged 77 would not be able to manage her land, my sister is also cardiac and is not capable to manage her share of the land. I also bear all my family expenses.

Now I wish to share the income generated from all resources of my family after deducting expenses. I want to be guided by Islam in this regard.


Your father’s property needs to be transferred to its legal heirs as soon as possible. Your mother’s share is 1/8th and the remaining should be divided between your brothers and sisters such that the share of the son is twice that of the daughter.

Once this division is made, the income from your mother’s portion should go to her and same should the case with that of your brother’s and sisters. Of course you and your siblings can always give to your mother any extra income to cover her expenses.

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