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A Small Act of Kindness

Kindness and sympathy are ingrained in human nature. At times, they need to be stimulated and stirred. Sometimes, a very small impetus can work wonders. Here is a small act of kindness we can easily do. In fact we should set an example of it.

We have so many unused items lying in our house – many of them perhaps we will never or seldom use in the future. Our drawers, cupboards, cabinets, boxes, suitcases and wardrobes etc are replete with so many of these items. Many a time, we do not even remember that we have them and we end up buying new ones in their place. To name a few of them: medicines, stationery items, shoes, cosmetics, purses, clothes, school / college books, odd pieces of furniture … and the list is unending.

Parting with such items should not be difficult.

Let us collect all such items and gather them at a place in our houses specially marked for this purpose. From time to time, these goods and items can be given to the so many needy that may come our way. If some of them turn out to be mere junk, they can be sold to junk-buyers and the money be used for charity. Better still, the junk can be just given to them as a help.

The only thing that we will require to make this “collection” grow would be to periodically cleaning our drawers and cupboards etc. We can fix for example a Sunday for this purpose.

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