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Abortion in early stages of Pregnancy

We would like to take help and opinion on an issue that I and my wife are facing. My wife is 40 years old and I am 39. We just found out that Mahallah she is pregnant. We have Mashallah 2 kids, son 12 and daughter who is 6. She got pregnant after almost 6.5 years. Yesterday we found out that she might be carrying twins. Hence we are both in a state of mind whether we would be able to raises 4 kids at this stage of our life. There are following considerations: 1- We are not financially very strong; hence we belong to very average family in this regard. 2- We both work, and my wife contributes to our work. (we live is USA) Major Consideration: 3- I unfortunately suffered a heart attack at the age of 36 and have 4 stents and are on medication. I did suffer from heart damage. Hence in our case the life of mother is not in danger, but it is the increased burden on myself and the stress factor in heart problem, and my fear if God Forbid some thing happens to me, I will leave 4 kids behind which will be much more difficult raising than 2 children. She is only 4.5 weeks in the pregnancy hence no life has been conceived. Given our situation would it be permissible to terminate the pregnancy. Kindly please help us given our situation and guide us as we are faced with this question.


According to Mr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, abortion before 120 days can be done if the couple has a comprehensible and valid reason for doing so. The reason of course should appear valid and sound to the couple. This is enough for them to take a decision.

However, after 120 days, this is absolutely forbidden unless of course the life of the mother is in danger.

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