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Divine Wisdom In Human Test And Trial

My question is why Allah created test for human beings? Why Jins and Adams have to go through test unlike angels? We believe that all angels are innocent and they enjoy Allah’s bounty till Day of Judgement and after He will raise everything alive on that day the angels will have no fear of punishment so why this law doesn’t apply to jins and human being? I mean mean I know that He doesn’t guidance to everyone by force which was easy for Him but why all that?


Of the cognizant creatures (those who have knowledge of good and evil) created by God, we are only aware of three: man, jinn and angels. About the first two God has said that He has sent prophets among them and that man and jinn will be held accountable on the day of judgment for their attitude towards the truth and towards the message brought by these prophets. They are undergoing this trial.

About the angels we have no information from God about how their accountability will take place. They of course have free will and can do whatever they want to and choose between good and evil. However, since they remain very close to God most of the time, their chances of doing evil are greatly diminished and it is for this reason that they are as a result called innocent. But potentially they can make a choice to do evil as well. We also know that angels are a bridge between God and His prophets and also help Him in administering this universe

This is my humble understanding of the scheme of God. We of course cannot fully answer why God adopted this scheme since only He can give this answer and perhaps He has left this answer to the Hereafter.

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