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Is Abortion of Abnormal child permitted in Islam?

In the western world, it is possible to find out that a child would be produced as down syndrome, which is 100% mental retardation and the whole life he/she has to live as dependent to parents or siblings or government. In case of female child, it is more difficult to take care of such child especially when she is grown up. Sometimes she became pregnant because of sex abuse. It is possible to take care of such children here but not in other 90% third world countries. Even here, they are considered as future burden for financial and social reason as they need a full time supporter whole life. So here, they give an option for abortion if test is positve for such disease. What Islamic ruling could be applied in this case? Is it allowed to abort in such case? Sometimes the test result comes after 120 days of pregnancy. What could be the ruling in that case?


Abortion after 120 days is not allowed in Islam because it is evident from the Quran and Hadith that after this period, a foetus becomes a living human being. Even of the foetus is suffering from a disease, after this period pregnancy cannot be terminated except of course the mother’s life is at risk as per the opinion of a doctor.

If Down’s Syndrome is detected in a foetus after 120 days, it should not be aborted because this would be tantamount to taking human life. It should be considered as part of the life of trial and test all of us have been put through. It is hoped that the Almighty will bless a parent with great rewards in Paradise for rearing such a child and devoting one’s time to him or her. Also who knows that in his or her lifetime some treatment of the disease is miraculously discovered.

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