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Anger Control

Anger is not a repulsive emotion
It’s not always about commotion

Feeling anger on brutality
Injustice and lack of equality

Are commendable and worthwhile
Should make us go that extra mile

And channelize our reaction
And to spur us into action

But when the blood boils within
And heart and head take a spin

Our response we must delay
And let not our feelings sway

Restrain is the name of the game
Reaction we must always contain

Changing posture does surely help
Before we utter that horrid yelp

Drawing breaths deep is also a remedy
Before anger leads us to some tragedy

Drinking water may cool us down
Bring relief to that furious frown

And if all these measures fail
And fury makes ourselves derail

Apologize we must to the aggrieved
And make amends to the bereaved

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