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Magnanimity is a cherished human trait. It shows that a person not only cares for others, he is also willing to go out of the way to make others comfortable and happy. Some areas where magnanimity can be shown need our attention. They are:

Let us sometimes sacrifice our own needs and requirements to provide for others without disclosing this as much as possible. Looking after others at the expense of one’s own needs is a great act of virtue. Sages tell us that when we provide for others in such a situation, the Almighty opens His treasures for us.

Let us encourage others as much as we can. The best way is to mention their qualities wherever possible. This includes a mention in their presence and before others as well. In a way, this is an unwritten obligation we owe them.

We must make it a point to forgive and forgo the mistakes and faults of others especially when they realize these follies, apologize and make amends. We must appreciate that as human beings, errors come naturally to all of us.

We must try to win over our foes and transform them into our friends. This can only happen if we show affection and love to people in spite of the harsh attitude we encounter from them. Being good to good people is easy. Being good to bad people is more challenging. They need it the most!We must not hate people who are jealous of us. They need more love and sympathy from us.

We must try to give the benefit of the doubt to others – even to our rivals. If a better interpretation of a person’s words or deeds can be made, we must adhere to it. In other words, unless there is a strong evidence to the contrary, people must always be trusted and regarded as honourable members of the society.

It is always difficult to appreciate and acknowledge those junior to us. This appreciation must also be unbiased: it must be expressed even in the case of people who are our adversaries and harsh critics.

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