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Achieving Poise and Balance in our Attitudes

The poise and balance that we are required to maintain in life is perhaps our greatest test! As human beings we are prone to extremes because emotions and biases tend to get the better of us. However, it is here that we must adopt a rational and sane attitude and not let the horse of our emotions run amok. Giving a lot of attention to one thing in life may deprive another thing from our attention. Thus the key word always is balance.

This poise and balance is primarily related to our various attitudes in life. Every now and then we face changing situations that elicit our action or reaction. Happiness, sorrow, anger, timidity, courage, love, hate and regret are some of the emotions that sway us from one extreme to the other.

Here are some tips that may help in achieving poise and balance in our attitudes.

Firstly, we must hope for the best and prepare for the worst. One of the things that makes us lose balance is that we come across unexpected results. Our emotional self is tuned to see favourable results. However, realize we must that things which happen in this world follow a grand scheme of God. It is this grand scheme which at times makes us encounter turbulent waters. However, we have to trust and have faith in this grand scheme because ultimately it is meant to be in our favour. If we are able to understand this, we will be able to control our reaction much more when we are faced with startling results.

Secondly, we must delay our reaction and response to any external situation or stimulus that we encounter. This delay is essential because this is the time when emotions get the better of us and we are not afforded the opportunity to act rationally. A delayed reaction is bound to be more balanced and within limits. Sentiments sway us but if they can somehow be got hold of in the beginning, we stand a better chance of being stable in our expression.

Thirdly, we must keep re-evaluating our selves if we receive external criticism and feedback. Some of our imbalances in life result because of imperfections, imbalances and shortcomings of others. If we keep an eye on our own faults and shortcomings it will keep us humble and make us realize that we have our own share of blemishes and that others too may be suffering because of them.

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