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The Art of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the most powerful weapons that can transform our lives and make us well wishers of the people in our surroundings. It will put our own minds too at peace, our hearts happy and our souls drenched with God’s love.

Here are some tips that may help in instilling this attitude in us.

1. In our social dealings and interaction with people, we must give them the benefit of doubt in dubious matters and uncertain situations. When a positive interpretation of a person’s actions or words can also be made, we must try to adhere to it and not distract ourselves to negative thinking and ill estimation.

2. We must try to be less critical of the shortcomings of others and more appreciative of their qualities. If we have to be critical of anyone, it should be our own selves. Highlighting the attributes and qualities of others and encouraging them is perhaps an obligation we owe to them. This is especially true for those younger and junior to us.

3. We should start using affirmative sentences as far as possible and avoid negative ones. This is a psychological tactic to keep us on track of being positive in our approach. Imperceptibly it instills in us a positive world view and makes us ignore the negativities of life.

4. We must never give up in the wake of failures and adverse circumstances. We must continue to get up after every fall and try again after aborted attempts. The will to carry on and work hard earns God’s help – which at times comes after a while because He wants to try and test our resilience.

5. Every negative thought can be countered by counting our blessings. Any such effort will show that the God’s favours on us easily outnumber the problem(s) we may be facing. This can be termed as gratitude therapy. It makes us realize and dwell upon what we have instead of brooding on what we do not. It also kills negative emotions like jealousy, frustration and despair.

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