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The “Blind Drill”

Eyes are one of the greatest blessings of God. We often take them for granted because seldom do we lose them. Yet for the people who have slowly gone blind after once having this privilege, it is a very traumatic experience – especially if there is no cure. The born blind too suffer an ordeal no less.

Just to realize how big a favour of God these eyes are, we may try closing them for, say a few minutes and then try to go about doing our daily chores. It will be a most upsetting experience for us.

Walking for a few steps without fear of stumbling, drinking a glass of water without spilling it, using the washroom with great effort, changing clothes with no clue about the combination, no question of driving a bike or a car – these are some of the ordeals that we will be immediately faced with. Not to speak of the constant darkness that remains with us forever and not being able to see our surroundings and even our own selves.

Such then is the gift of eyes that we have and we take it for granted. We must periodically practice this “blind” drill to constantly tell ourselves how lucky we are. We brood over so many things that we do not have. But how about counting the blessings we have and let us start counting with the eyes that light up our world.

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