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Let us Value what We have

When we wake up in the morning, our eyes open to see the world light up around them and our ears listen to the sounds and voices around us. Not so for the blind and deaf.

When we lie down to go to sleep at night, we fall into a deep slumber. Not so for chronic insomniacs.

When night falls we have supper. Not so for many poor paupers.

When we feel thirsty, clean water is available for drinking. Not so for those who have to walk miles to fetch it.

When we want new clothes, we just go to the market and buy them. Not so for those who have to wait several years before they can afford them.

When we feel sleepy, we have a cozy bed to sleep in. Not so for those who sleep on footpaths.

When we fall sick, we have the services of a doctor. Not so for those who can’t afford them.

When want our children to go to school, we will be able to have them admitted in a school. Not so for those do not even have the means to send their children to school.

There are so many things that we take for the granted without realizing that we never worked to earn them. They are a pure gift of the Creator. Let us consciously realize this happening!

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