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When the Tough get Going!

Human beings are endowed with immeasurable potentials and abilities. Only a few of them start working as soon as a person realizes that he has them and begins using and polishing them. On the other hand, there are numerous unexplored potentials that are found in a person that lie dormant. They only come to the surface when circumstances are tough and trying. This is because these potentials are sparingly used because they lie beneath one’s threshold and every day use.

In other words, a time of crisis is the best time to nurture and nourish these hidden potentials. It is like calling our reserves to help with one big difference: more often than not, we do not even know they exist. It is only when the crunch comes that we realize how vastly we have been supplied by providence with tenacity and toughness.

Times of crises also help us come closer to our Creator. We tend to call upon Him more and invoke Him more from the depth of the heart. This strengthens our faith and gives us another type of toughness that may help us to become righteous individuals.

Let us then never run away from trials and tribulations or get bogged down by them. We must remember that at times adverse currents are meant to make us fly higher and higher!

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