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The Good Human: Tips on Self-Improvement

Humankind is a global family. It transcends all divides. Social, cultural, political and religious barriers should not impose any impediment in its unity. Yet human beings have torn apart this pristine unity because of precisely these barriers. The reason for all this is perhaps that we have forgotten that we are the progeny of one mother and father: Adam and Eve.

Let us keep this fact in mind and feel for each other as we feel for our near ones. Let us put humanity first and every other thread of relationship after it. It is our first religion, our first connection, our first family!

The first part of this book is an anthology of short essays regarding personality development. Its purpose is to bring all human beings together to ponder and proactively pursue the struggle of becoming better humans and always thinking about humanity first.

The second part of this book “Lessons of Life” is a collection of maxims and adages authored to provide one liners as principles to live by in this world.

I do hope that this book can become a humble contribution towards self-advancement and spiritual enhancement.

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